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Angad launched in Bihar
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“Angad will do for tractors what Maruti did for cars”
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SAS rolls out cheapest tractor Angad.
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Cheapest tractor from SAS Motors.
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  SAS Motors has introduced a range of farm tractors and implements, christened Angad that will, for the first time, offer an appropriate technology for Indian conditions. These new products will cost half the price of what are available in the market currently and promise to offer the optimum price-quality-feature mix that has been the crying need in the rural sector.

With Angad, we have brought a basic functional tractor with high quality implements within the reach of every single farmer in the country; and in doing so; extend the tremendous benefit of productivity, employment and prosperity that mechanisation has brought only to a select few in rural India.

The future of a prosperous farm sector lies in the de-branding of machines that are today sold like cars, in turning tractors and harvesters into commodities that are assembled, deployed and repaired right in the villages and in providing a farmer with a year long source of employment and earning. Angad may well become the future of a prosperous farm sector in India.

The medium-sized Angad 240-D tractor will cost 40-50% lesser than the cheapest tractor today and will demand 25% and 60% lesser costs in fuel and maintenance respectively. It will come with an ideal range of 15-24 Horse Power (HP) engine, which is best suited for the small and medium size Indian farms. The technology used is simple and rugged and can be repaired even by a cycle mechanic in a village. It is designed to suit large variety of implements making the unit versatile for as many as 40 different crop and soil varieties. Its multipurpose functionality makes its ideal for use in various purposes like irrigation and transportation.


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